The Value of Professional Independent Mortgage Advice

What are the benefits of professional Independent mortgage advice and how can you measure the value of advice?

We have put together a series of posts. focused on advice and how it will benefit mortgagees. We have broken down the key areas to focus key wins.

The Mortgage Market

The mortgage market is complex with all lenders having different market specialisations, product offerings, rates, types of property they will lend on and believe it or not even geography can play a part. Plus, lenders may often use more complex calculations to establish what they consider to be affordable and can have very differing criteria from each other.

Reviewing the best rates available on a comparison site will give information on potentially the best priced deal at that moment in time for individuals who match all the lenders criteria. This can often mean that when searching for the ideal product for your situation, it is not always about rate.

Finding the right mortgage for your personal situation is about taking into consideration your personal objectives and situation, then factoring in the differing lender criteria and establishing which lender and scheme will you fit with?

Equally, if you are fortunate enough to fit with the market leader. Another consideration could be your mortgage term. Your term is likely to be a period of perhaps 10-40 years. Is it likely that the market leader, be offering their existing client’s market leading rates at the end of the next specialised rate period such as a fixed rate ending or indeed for the next 10-40 years?

It is, almost guaranteed that the lender will not be the market leader for your mortgage term. Therefore, reviewing your options and benefiting from professional advice on a regular basis will in most cases assist you make the right decisions for you. Making sure that you benefit from savings on interest and overall payments made.

signing documents for a new home

What does an Independent Mortgage Broker do and how can they help?

A professional independent Mortgage Broker will assist you in many ways, examples being:

Listening to you and establishing your requirements and needs

Assessing your personal situation and helping you to find the lender who will lend to you, where you meet their criteria and offer you the loan amount you need.

Advising you on all aspects of your mortgage such as overall costs, term, and scheme period.

Helping to explain the jargon involved in home buying process and aspects such as the conveyancing process (the legal aspect of your purchase)

A good broker will generally speed up the process of finding the right lender for you and assist you in gaining a Mortgage Agreement in Principle. This is prior to making your mortgage application for you.

Recommending related insurance products to protect you and your new home. Insurances such as Buildings & Contents, Life Assurance, and Income Protection.

Listening, Assessing, Advising, Helping, Speeding up the Process, Recommending

My Mortgage & Protection Experts are specialist Independent Mortgage Brokers. Our ethos is ensuring that our clients benefit from quality, professional mortgage & protection advice.

It is important to work with our clients on an ongoing basis to advise on suitable mortgage products that will focus on suiting their current needs and requirements plus focusing on reducing interest paid and repayment of their mortgage in as short a timescale as possible.

Protection of our clients is also a fundamental aspect of our advice process. Advising clients on how best to protect their home, their family, and their income.

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